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Sawyers Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association (Inc)
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Sawyers Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association (Inc)
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Tuesday 7 February,   2017


Tuesday 4 April,   2017

Tuesday 4 July,   2017
Sawyers Valley Hall
7.30 pm

Shire of Mundaring Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice

A review of Shire of Mundaring’s Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice saw the introduction of two changes for 2014/15:

  •    a requirement for Building Protection Zones
  •    firebreaks to be installed and maintained from 1 November; (one month earlier than previous years).


Our aim is to work with and educate local owner/occupiers on how to better prepare their properties for the bushfire season. The Shire now has Fire Hazard Inspection Officers who are available to meet with you at your property to discuss fuel load management options. We encourage you to contact these officers if you have any questions or concerns.


                                   DFES ALERTS


Sawyers Valley derived its name from the trade most commonly practised by those who settled here. A sawpit, with hand sawyers hard at work and a settlement of thatched "V" huts (so called from their resemblance to an inverted letter "V") was noted in the area as early as the 1860's. The timber trade was the mainstay of the place for many years. A railway station named Sawyers Valley was opened here in 1884.
The town of Sawyers Valley began as a pit sawyer's settlement in the 1860s. Many of the early timber workers were expiree convicts or convicts working out their ticket-of-leave passes. The work was hard with one sawyer on the top of the log guiding the downstroke of the two-metre long saw blade and below, often standing for hours in mud and sawdust at the bottom of the deep pit, was another sawyer, guiding the upstroke. Even today, many of the original sawpits can still be seen.




7 February
7.30 pm
Valley Hall



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